ay-trace pages.
On these pages: how to build your own photorealistic images.
Lots of examples in my Image Gallery. Most of these images
were build using the programs Lparser and Povray.
Check out my Lparser object pages and the fabulous Lparser
homepage of Laurens Lapre.
Read how to build Lindenmeyer systems with the Lparser and
how to incorporate them into Povray scene files.
Working with Lparser and Povray is made easy with Lv2povid,
a converter I wrote......check it out!
The L-system tutor page with animated example images
is a must, check it out! (it is big....750Kb)

Any suggestions or comments: C.J.van der Mark. 
Topics:  -Image gallery
             -Lparser objects
              -Lv2povid page (under construction)
             -How to build LS files (get it now!...animated!)
            - How to build LS files (txt file)
            -my old homepages.



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