Henri  J.M  Stephen has now written, in the English language:

      "Winti Culture"
      "Mysteries, Voodoo and realities
       of an Afro-Caribbean Religion in
       Suriname and  The Netherlands"

"A radiant entertaining book, transmitting the insights of a centuries old tradition"

"Winti Culture" is the title of a new book by Henri Stephen. The author was born in Suriname and trained in the Netherlands. This brought him into contact with modern health care and it became obvious to him that there was little or no connection with the use of medicinal herbs as they are used in Winti-Culture. His book gives a comprehensive picture of how the Winti religion makes use of medical herbs and rituals for healing. It summarizes the pro`s and con`s for combining Western health care with Winti when patients originate from a different culture. He gives several examples of how this problem could be solved but also tells some true stories about various Winti practices and rituals. All in all this is an entertaining book which makes a valuable contribution to the understanding between different races and cultures and which is so necessary at the present time.

Eight books in the Dutch language, under which:

  "Winti en Hulpverlening"
        (Winti and Care giving. Dutch edition)

  "Geneeskruiden van Suriname"
        "Hun toepassing in de volksgeneeskunde en in de magie"
        (Herbs of Suriname, application in the popular health care and for magical purposes. Dutch edition)


 "Winti Culture"
     (ISBN:  90-800960-3-2 )
    Hfl        39.-    inclusive postage
    U.S $    23.-        "                "
    U.KL    12.-        "                "
    D.M.    34.-        "                "

"Winti en Hulpverlening"
    (ISBN: 90-800960-2-4 )
    Hfl        39.-        inclusief verzendkosten.
    U.S $    23.-        inclusive postage.

"Geneeskruiden van Suriname"
    (ISBN: 90-6030253-2 )
    Hfl        32,50    inclusief verzendkosten.
    U.S $    19.-       inclusive postage.

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