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The LUIK images

[cool [cool [cool

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How to create the plant forms as used in the Luik pictures.

Some notes on the creation of the Luik pictures.

The LAKE-7 image.

[Lake-7 image]

Get Lake-7.jpg (25 Kb)[cool

The Beauty-2 image.

[Planet-rise image]

Get Beauty2.jpg (55 Kb)[cool

This picture was created with Fractint v19.2 (568 Kb).
No other programs where used.

Get the example Fractint v19.2 KEY file (17 Kb) [Fractint v18.2 key file!]

The 3D Artist image.

This image was printed on the contents page of 3D-Artist magazine #21.
It was made with the use of the Lparser v3.0 (375 Kb), Lv2povid and ViVid 2.0 (295 Kb).

Jump to WEB supplement #21 [Jump to button]

In the 3DARTIST#21 WEB supplement you will find the explanation and the code on how this image was created.

The Lyapunov image.

This image was made with Fractint v19.2 .

Get Lyapunov.jpg (65 Kb)
[Lyapunov fractal image, very 'organic']

The Glass image.

This image was made with ViVid v2.0 (reg.), and Lparser v3.0 .

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